Guest Guidelines

Guest Guidelines

Being a guest on a RELATECASTS show is easy and shouldn’t take too much of your time. Whether you’re a seasoned guest or a first-time in front of a camera one, the following guidelines should help you have a great show appearance and a solid Marketing opportunity for you and/or your company.


Show Format: Live and Recorded

Every show is streamed live on, and recorded for uploading to Vimeo. The ‘live’ show can be seen at


There is a chat room for the live show and many viewers partake in the chat and can also ask you questions while on the show. You will not see the chat unless you are logged into Justin during the show. The host will monitor the chat pod and mix those questions into the interview. This version of the show includes the “pre-show” and the “post-show”. Pre and post shows last between 5-15 minutes.


The recorded show will be uploaded to our Relatecasts Vimeo channel found at:


What does the host need to know before the show?

Well before the show we need a few pieces of information:


•  Your Full Name

•  Your Skype ID

•  A phone number (just in case)

•  Your email

•  Twitter ID (optional)

•  URL’s of websites you’d like us to feature during the show


What do guests need to know before the show?

The technical requirements that guests should be aware of can be found on our “Setting Up” page. We need some information (see below) which will let us set up a few days before show time.


Will I see the show as it’s being streamed?

No. You don’t need to be logged into during the show, in fact we don’t recommend it as the brief delay  (1-7 seconds) on the video feed can be distracting if you’re not used to it. You will be called by Rick on Skype and will only see his photo in the Skype screen.


Making a good video – eye contact

You’ll be talking to us in the final show (see samples of our videos to see what the end result looks like) but during the interview you will be talking to your video camera. Be sure to look at it occasionally during the interview as that’s how you make “eye contact” with the audience. All our interviews are relaxed, fun conversations. Think of this as a great conversation over dinner or drinks and you’ll do well.


What’s your pre-show ready time?

We will call you via Skype usually 15 minutes before the show recording. This is our pre-show and it’s where we do some light chatting, check audio/video settings, make sure names/titles are correct and review any show specifics before starting the recording.


The audience enjoys the pre-show and it’s usually a relaxing time for you and we’ll work to make sure you’re comfortable before the actual recording.