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RELATECasts is the video broadcasting division of RELATE Corporation, a well known media creation and enterprise eLearning development company.

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eLearnChat's Rick Zanotti and Lesley Price bring together the eLearning and Training industry's top movers and shakers, who offer invaluable insights and discussions on the history of the industry, effective presentation, keeping your audience engaged and attentive, mastering the tools, and more!

Featured Hosts:

Rick Zanotti
Lesley Price

Tech Down Over! Two audio/video pros, geeks at heart, talk tech with guests. And when we say tech, we mean gear: audio, video, smartphones, accessories, digital media and everything in between!

Why “Tech Down Over?”

Geoff Blanchard is “down” under in Australia and Rick Zanotti is up “over” in Southern California. Two good friends let you in on the conversation!

Featured Hosts:


Rick Zanotti



Geoff Blanchard


LIFE Edge is a show about learning, passion, curiosity, change and all things that can help you get an edge in your life, the 'edge' which leads to success in your life, profession and choices is important and ensures a congruent approach to living and learning.

Featured Hosts:


Rick Zanotti



Dr. Susan Nash



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